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Compressed Air Newsletter - October 2021

Here's your monthly digest containing useful tips on energy savings and information about air compressors, air dryers, filters, spare parts, airnet piping and other energy-saving/optimization compressed air products.

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From the desk of our General manager

Photograph of General Manager - CT CC India Mr. Conrad Latham

Conrad Latham - General Manager Atlas Copco Compressor Technique

First, I wish you and your family a very happy, prosperous and safe Diwali. Thank you for all your support and loyalty to Atlas Copco and we promise we are always standing by you to reduce your energy consumption with our innovative products. With the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference - COP26 coming up shortly, it is a great time for all companies to think about what are they doing to create a better future. This month, we are very happy to announce the launch of a new App and a new Product, both of which are designed to make significant impacts on how customers like yourself can reduce their CO2 emissions.

Our new Smartlink App will easily connect you via your smartphone to your air compressor. It will provide you with the opportunity to monitor the running parameters of your compressor(s) as well as make suggestions on better air compressor configurations that might be able to save you energy. Click here to ask for more information about Smartlink & Smartlink App.


The new product that we launched is again a massive innovation from Atlas Copco. The new VSDs air compressor is the latest addition to the famous Atlas Copco VSD air compressor range. We were the first company to put an integrated Variable Speed Drive (VSD) into the air compressors for more than 25 years and since then we have been continuously striving to reduce your energy bills. The new VSDs is able to provide 60% energy savings vs our past model of compressors by using the latest NEOS Next drive technology, rare metal-free motors and smart VSD cooling fans with Smart drains. The development of this new compressor demonstrates the passion that Atlas Copco has to save energy.


With such innovations, we believe we are supporting a cleaner environment and cleaner future. Please contact your local Atlas Copco representative to find out how the VSDs and other compressed air solutions from Atlas Copco are helping the industries and the planet.


Stay safe and enjoy the rest of the newsletter!

Featured Tips

Please follow the below articles/ links to keep yourself updated on air compressors, gas generators, and energy-efficient solutions.

1. SMARTLINK - How to keep track of your compressed air equipment

GA VSDs smartlink still

Knowing the status of your compressed air equipment at all times and being able to react on it, is the surest way to achieve optimal efficiency and maximum availability.


SMARTLINK connects you to an easier life

SMARTLINK - How to keep track of your compressed air equipment

2. VSDˢ - The future of compressor performance

VSDs Air Compressor

Atlas Copco brings you the GA VSDS – a truly groundbreaking compressor for the generation that demands it all where S stands for all superlatives - Sustainable, Savings, Smart Features, Strong Performance, Small footprint and many more!


Explore the VSDˢ – Next-gen compressor performance

3. Future of air compression: Wireless air compressor control (OPC- UA)

Image of machine-to-machine connectivity

Connectivity and the Internet of Things have played a key role in the realization of Industry 4.0. As we understand the importance of industrial connectivity, we are the first to offer OPC UA enabled compressors to provide true system performance & efficiency.

Read more about OPC UA and its benefits on your compressors

All-new VSDˢ compressor

Meet the new GA VSDˢ, developed and built for a new era, for the generation that wants it all.

Featured Tips

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