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Compressed air newsletter - September 2022

September 30, 2022

Here's your monthly digest containing useful tips on energy savings and information about air compressors, low-pressure blowers, air dryers, filters, spare parts, airnet piping and other energy-saving/optimization compressed air products.

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Looking to find information to help you make the right decision on your equipment purchase? Our compressed air and gas resources hub can help with whitepapers, blogs, wikis, calculators and many more!

Featured Tips

Please follow the below articles/ links to keep yourself updated on air compressors, gas generators, and energy-efficient solutions.

1. Earn more with compressed air audit

Atlas Copco air audit

With the growing demand for energy savings, cost optimization and carbon reduction, it now becomes a necessity to audit your plant and fix the energy inefficiencies which may cost you a lot of money. 


📌 Everything you need to know about compressed air audit


2. Online calculators

Electric Vehicle EV Two wheeler

Explore our variety of calculators intended to provide assistance with energy savings, measuring on-site conditions and determining equipment specifications.


📌 Calculate your savings today


3. Total air Solution brochure

Our new brochure gives an overview of our compressed air, industrial gas & process cooling solutions, along with associated maintenance, spare parts, installation and diagnostics services. 


📌 Download the new brochure

4. The Ultimate Guide to Oil-Free Compressed Air

In some production environments, maintaining the highest levels of air purity is a critical consideration. But do you know how to guarantee 100% oil-free air and what the risks are of not taking this route? Download our guide and find out the answers.


📌 Download the guide-book

Compressor Technique

Featured Tips

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