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Industrial water chiller TCA

Meet the TCA process cooling chiller, our newest innovation in the chiller range for optimized energy savings

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Variety of industrial applications

The components of the chiller allow it to be used with a wide range of applications across industrial sectors.

Chillers for indoor and outdoor installation

TCA55-215 chiller’s series can be installed both indoors and outdoors, thanks to the use of reliable IP54 protected components.

Meets seasonal energy performance ratio

TCA55-215’s full range complies with the EcoDesign Directive 2021 meeting the Seasonal Energy Performance Ratio (SEPR1) to reach the highest level of energy saving.

Energy efficiency - TCA chiller

Energy savings from free cooling

A = Kw/h, B = Degrees C, 1 = Chiller, 2 = Free-cooling, 3 = Free-cooling savings zone

This graph shows the difference between the energy consumption of a free-cooling chiller versus a non-free-cooling variant. When the TCA is operating in free-cooling mode, only the speed-regulated fans are consuming energy. The compressors, main energy consumers for a chiller are either off or working in a partial load mode. The graph’s blue zone shows the direct benefit form using the free-cooling principle.
Energy savings chillers

A = Electricity, B = Purchase cost, C = 39% Free cooling savings

Atlas Copco’s engineering team has many years of experience in designing and calculating complex energy saving equipment. Based on estimations and prepared for different climatic zones, we can state with confidence that the benefits from using an integrated free-cooling TCA55-215 chiller can bring you up to 40% savings of total power consumption for a 5 year life-cycle cost.
High ambient temperatures affect the performance of the chiller. In this case the use of adiabatic panels to decrease the temperature of the air inlet on coils is a perfect solution. It enables to gain a boost of 10-15% in the dry ambient conditions. Adiabatic system is placed on the two sides of the unit to help the unit’s condensation, only during warm periods of the year, by spraying cold water on adiabatic panels placed on fan’s air suction to reduce the air temperature. Adiabatic system is run by a patented control philosophy with the aim to reduce water and energy consumption as much as possible without any temperature set-point deviation.

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