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Expander generators

Putting renewable energy, excess gas-line pressure or unused industrial waste heat to work for you, our expander generators drive clean, efficient electrical power generation. You can expand revenue streams while benefiting from the efficiency and reliability that has made the Atlas Copco Gas and Process expander generator a a benchmark in clean energy generation

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Driving tomorrow's energy

Our expander generators inside an Organic Rankine Cycle power plant


Turboexpanders built to last

Whether your plant is an isolated geothermal power station or a busy industrial plant, the Atlas Copco expander's robust construction is designed to withstand tough conditions over a long lifetime of reliable operation in the harshest work environments

Recovering green energy

Our expander generators enable you to recover power from sustainable resources. Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology, one of our key competences, unlocks a wide range of power sources including geothermal reservoirs, industrial waste heat and condensing streams

Intelligent shaft gearbox design

In integral gear configuration, the speed reduction gearbox features a parallel shaft and integral gearbox for efficient electricity generation. Power generation extends up to 25 MW per expander stage, with up to two stages per expander.

Full process control with variable inlet guide vanes (IGV)

Our variable inlet guide vanes (IGV) provide accurate process control over a wide operating range, avoiding the energy loss associated with inlet throttling control

Get the most from pressure letdown

Gas grid systems, especially natural gas, require pressure to be reduced from pipelines so that it can be delivered for domestic use. Atlas Copco expanders enable you to recoup the energy stored in the gas pressure and turn it into extra profits

Technical product description EG-Series expander generator

Available in configurations to perfectly match your specific application requirements, the expander generators drive electrical power production from industrial processes and sustainable resources. Available in direct drive, integrally geared or externally geared, our expander generator offerings achieves the lowest cost per kilowatt power-train solution. Proven Atlas Copco technologies boost efficiency, including variable inlet guide vanes (IGVs) for continuous power production under changing environmental conditions.

Technical product specifications EG-Series

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