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Air compressor upgrade for optimal performance

Upgrade your compressor with the latest technology and components to improve your performance, energy consumption and reliability

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Optimized performance

Upgrading your equipment to the newest standards may not only restore your compressors’ original performance, it may actually enhance it

Enhanced reliability

Years of operation in demanding conditions can take its toll on performance. A motor, element or converter exchange will make your old compressor perform like a new one

Save energy

Your compressor will be equipped with the latest available options, allowing you to make substantial energy savings

Increase your performance with an Xchange Element

All our elements are specifically designed for your compressor, helping you achieve levels of efficiency that are impossible with generic components. Incorporating our latest element not only restores but enhances your compressor’s performance. When it’s time to replace the heart of your compressor, turn to the Atlas Copco exchange elements and continue to enjoy optimal air quality and uptime.

Save energy with an Xchange Motor

We have the motor type that is exactly right for your compressor, offering higher efficiency and a higher service factor than alternative motors. Exchange motors combine the reliable output you need, with a whole new level of energy efficiency. Our technicians have the know-how to fit them quickly, minimizing your production downtime.

More reliability with an Xchange Convertor

Our convertor exchange offers the right properties for optimal performance and maximum uptime. This includes high cooling capacity and rugged design to protect sensitive components. Profit from our proven Xchange Converter and boost your reliability with the latest frequency drive equipment.

Upgrade to the latest technology now

Keep your equipment up to date with a compressor upgrade. Contact your Atlas Copco representative today

Air compressor upgrade for optimal performance

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