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AIRPlan: all-inclusive contract for compressed air delivery

Leave the compressed air equipment in the hands of Atlas Copco and pay according to what you have consumed.

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AIRPlan is an all-inclusive contract for compressed air delivery.


Reduce Your Risk

We ensure optimal reliability while keeping your energy bill down.

Enjoy Maximum Flexibility

AIRPlan is our most flexible solution that provides a steady flow of quality compressed air, perfectly adapted to your production requirements.

Simple and Easy

Leave buying and maintaining equipment to Atlas Copco and only pay for the compressed air you need.

What’s the difference with owning my own compressors?

The purchase of a compressed air installation has a big impact on your capital expenditure. On top of the investment cost, there are many other costs to consider: administration and capital costs, transport and installation etc. With AIRPlan, you don’t have to buy any assets. All compressed air expenses are part of your operational costs. And… freeing up money for other investments could bring new business opportunities.

What if my compressed air demand changes?

Big changes in your production process, such as up- or downscaling, new investments, methods or technologies, could mean the compressed air installation you invested in is no longer ideally suited for your needs. AIRPlan offers you the unique flexibility of having your equipment adapted quickly to the new requirements. Again, this is done without the need for investments or lengthy approval processes, increasing efficiency and saving time and money.

What savings do I achieve?

With AIRPlan, there is no investment cost for the equipment. AIRPlan costs are predictable and transparent, consisting of a fixed fee plus a variable fee based on the actual running hours of the compressors. The regular maintenance and upgrades included in AIRPlan will help you reduce downtime and energy costs.

How can I avoid unexpected costs?

If a breakdown occurs or an urgent repair is needed, these unforeseen costs could seriously disrupt your budget. AIRPlan is our commitment to deliver you high quality and reliable compressed air with minimum downtime. The combination of complete support, system monitoring, proactive repairs and emergency assistance ensures sustained reliability and maximum uptime.

AIRPlan: all-inclusive contract for compressed air delivery

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