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HiLight V5+ - Winner of Yellow Dot Award 2017

Atlas Copco HiLight V5+ light tower wins Best Design Award as the 'most eco-friendly light tower" in India

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“Most Eco Friendly Light Tower in India” Best Design Award:

Atlas Copco has proved its prowess and leadership in LED technology. Atlas Copco was earlier awarded the international Red Dot Design Award of 2017 for the HiLight H5+ LED light tower. And, more recently, the HiLight V5+ was awarded the prestigious Yellow Dot Design Award of 2017 as “India’s most eco-friendly light tower” in recognition of it being the first CPCB II compliant light tower for the entire light tower making it the most silent light tower in its segment in India.

HiLight V5+ LED light tower

Atlas Copco’s HiLight V5+ light towers indeed show toughness in a new light
• It is the safest and most efficient light tower for road construction, airports, hydro power projects, mining and construction applications.
• With the HiLight V5+, created into cutting-edge lighting technology, sites can be brighter, safer and more productive.

Illumination with LED lighting technology
• The HiLight V5+ can illuminate an area of approximately 5,000 sq m with an average brightness of 20 lux while ensuring low fuel consumption.
• High Efficiency LED 4 x 350 W.
• Special optics designed by Atlas Copco to maximise light coverage.
• Instant light.
• Dedicated power pack for LED application working at the right power load.
• Manual Mast (electric winch option). The manual vertical mast can be rotated quickly and easily to light a different area while fully extended to its maximum height of 7.5 m.
• Delivers the correct tone of light.
• The fully directional optic lens maximises practical light coverage while minimising dark spots improving visibility on the job site.
• LED lamp life expectancy of 30,000 hours.
• Each lamp can withstand base ball impact thrown at speed at 100 MPH.

Efficiency with savings
• The HiLight V5+ is the first CPCB-II compliant light tower in India for the entire light tower.
• Thanks to its Hardhat® canopy, the HiLight V5+ is the most silent light tower in its segment in India.
• It is a premium model incorporating LED lighting technology and increased fuel efficiency.
• These light towers deliver fuel savings of up to 50 per cent when compared to the typical fuel consumption of a 6 kW metal halide solution.
• Transport efficiency: Ultra compact footprint; Towing speed – 80 km per hour.
• Lowest operating cost: 150 hours of continuous run time; 400 hours service interval ensures the light towers have maximised uptime and consequently increased productivity for end-users.

HardHat canopy
The “Can you beat a HardHat canopy?” at Excon 2017, proved the durability and strength of the HiLight V5+ canopy, which remained sturdy and was not damaged or dented even when hit by a cricket bat several times by many customers.
• The HiLight V5+ includes a HardHat® canopy as standard, which provides tough protection of internal parts against harsh conditions.
• Durable, environment-friendly and quick-to-shift, the HiLight V5+ ensures no corrosion or damages.
• Super silent: As low as 75dBA as per CPCB-II.
• Environment-friendly: Spillage-free frame traps oil leakage and prevents ground contamination.
• Easy access thanks to two big scissor doors.
• Strong support jack to withstand heavy wind.

It’s time to discover LED, and let the HiLight V5+ be the leading light which takes light further to make sites brighter and safer.