Dynapac CA255

Single drum vibratory roller

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Improved service access & security

CA255 comes with gas strut mounted FRP hood, which allows easy opening & lowering of hood. It also gives complete service access to engine & hydraulics. The hood comes with a hood lock which means increased security and peace of mind.

Heavy Duty steering hitch

Best in class, heavy duty steering hitch is one of the heavily loaded parts and should be as solid as possible, to avoid excess wear.

Ergonomic and informative operator console

The Dynapac CA255 comes equipped with informative operator console, having vandalism protection cover as a standard fitment.

Product description

CA255 rollers are utilized in applications such as road building, airfileds, harbors, dam construction and industrial sites. Designed for long working hours and tough applications, Dynapac soil compactors, compact most types of soil. The improved engine and hydraulics ensures that your soil compactor gives you non stop performance and maximum reliability at the lowest operating costs.

Technical data


Max. operating mass

11,900 kg

Operating mass (incl. ROPS)

10,830 kg

Module mass, front

6,580 kg

Module mass, rear

4,250 kg
Hydraulic system