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Easy starters

TTe breakers have decompression valves and electric ignition. It makes them easy to start in all weather conditions.

Easy transportation

Weighing in at just 24 kg the Cobra™ is easy to
carry around and to fit in a car trunk.

Railway specialist

The Cobra™ TTe delivers just the right amount of
power for tie tamping.

We take care

The HAPS system (Hand Arm Protection System) makes the Cobra™ unique. It lets you do heavy duty work more than two times longer compared to other petrol driven breaker models

Two sizes

When working in hazardous areas, like a switchyard, two different sizes to choose from will come in handy.

Easy oil check

Your machine has a natural oil consumption . We have made it easy for you to check and make sure oil levels are optimal.

Cobra TTe

The Cobra™ TTe is optimized for railway applications and especially designed for tie tamping. It works at the relatively high frequency of 1,620 blows/min. Its impact energy is high enough to push the ballast back under the ties and low enough to prevent pulverization of ballast. The petrol-driven breaker is ideal for tie tamping in more ways. You don’t have to worry about compressors, hoses or cables, which makes it easy and safe to move around in rail yards
and other high-risk environments with constant heavy traffic.

Technical specifications

Technical details


23 kg


877 m


331 mm

Width across handles

320 mm

Impact energy

40 joules

Blow frequency

1,620 bpm

Drill depth

0 m
Vibration & sound
Available shank sizes
Part numbers