Dynapac PL2000

High capacity planer

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The conveyor belt system

Out feed of the planing material is performed by a generously proportioned, two-stage, covered front-loading belt system. The speeds of both conveyor belts are fully adjustable for forward and reverse directions of travel. Any build-up of material in the conveyor belt system is easily dealt with.
The discharge conveyor has hydraulic height adjustment and can be swivelled through 45° to either side to contend with varying construction site conditions. A folding conveyor belt is available as an optional extra.

The milling drum

The milling drum, specially designed for the Dynapac PL2000, features a milling width of approx. 2010 mm at its maximum cutting depth of 320 mm. Its standard equipment includes a quick change tool- holder system. Optional fine milling drum is available. Dynapac has placed particular emphasis on making the changeover from a standard to precision cutting drum a simple, fast procedure.

The transmission

The generously proportioned milling drum transmission combined with a high strength V-belt, self-adjusting belt tensioner and a two-stage planetary gearbox ensures power is directly delivered to the bit tips. The moldboard and sideboards have a hydraulic lift facility as standard equipment. Naturally enough, the moldboard can be positioned above the planing level during the milling operation in order to leave planing material in the trench.

Product description

THE KEY GOAL FOR ROAD MAINTENANCE is to provide the best road conditions for safe and comfortable driving in all weather. Cold planers are designed to remove asphalt and concrete pavement in layers by a rotating milling drum. The milled material may be transported via conveyor on a truck for further recycling processes, spread on-site or stockpiled in the rear for future application.