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Dry claw vacuum pumps

Dry vacuum pumps play an important part in many vacuum applications and environments. The main advantage of ‘dry’ (hydrocarbon free) pumps is that there is no lubrication in the main pumping chamber thus keeping the environment clean. Besides reliability is guaranteed with its stainless steel claw elements.

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Reliability you can trust

Tens and thousands of stainless steel claw elements continue to work quietly and efficiently in all corners of the world.

Simplicity that saves you maintenance

Simple but robust design helps to keep maintenance costs down.

Connected to empower

Usable for a huge variety of vacuum applications.

Efficient stainless steel dry claw vacuum pump


Our new range of dry claw vacuum pumps features an innovative design that creates a new benchmark for the claw vacuum pump market. It is the smart choice for your application featuring simplicity, robustness, efficiency and contaminant handling capability.

Dry Claw vacuum Pump from Atlas Copco

DZS & DZM stainless steel dry claw element

Built to the exacting standards and quality demanded by our customers, the new dry claw vacuum pump provides you with a trouble-free and cost-effective solution to meet your needs. The durability of our stainless steel claw pumps is rooted in our expertise. We acquired Edwards vacuum pump, the company that first introduced claw technology to vacuum applications in the high tech electronics industry. In addition Atlas Copco was the first to innovate multi-claw technology for compressors. The combined knowledge and experience of these two companies lead to low cost, efficient and reliable DZS mono-claw  and DZM multi-claw dry vacuum pumps and rotary vacuum compressor.

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Our DZS dry claw is the perfect solution for your rotary dry vacuum pump and rotary blower or low pressure compressor applications!
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Introducing - DZS dry claw pump