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Oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps

Our rotary vane pumps have the characteristics of all Atlas Copco vacuum equipment, with a strong focus on reliability, high quality engineering and low lifecycle costs. Our vane pumps are the perfect vacuum solution for your application be it printing,  packaging,  voodworking, pick and place, transformer oil filtration, rubber, plastic, material handling or any other industry that require vacuum. Our line up of vacuum pump products include a host of vane pumps to cover all your requirements

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Gas ballast control to assist in handling high water vapor loads

Easy to maintain with convenient service kits

Central inlet port to allow easy mounting of mechanical booster pump if required

Oil-sealed vane vacuum pump from Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco has a strong focus on providing the best vacuum pumps and vacuum solutions. Our vane pump is an example of our commitment to provide quality vacuum solutions. Our single stage GVS and two stage GVD vane vacuum pump series are operating according to proven principles and have achieved success for many years in industries that require general vacuum in their processes and applications.

Vane Pump from Atlas Copco

GVS oil-sealed vane vacuum pump

Vacuum pump with innovative features

Atlas Copco’s GVS vane vacuum pumps have been packed with innovative features that ensure that you can get the highest possible performance from your vacuum pump while keeping the lifecycle costs low. The GVS vane pump is fitted with a built-in gas ballast as standard to assist in water handling capability. Other functions that have been integrated into GVS vane pumps include lubricant retention and return mechanism, making it suitable to operate between 400 mbar(a) and their ultimate vacuum over 0.5mbar(a).

Efficient and clean vane vacuum pump

Atlas Copco vane vacuum pumps have been optimised to minimise oil in vapours in the exhaust gas. The GVS A 16-630 has been optimised in this way, as well as the inlet non-return valve protects the vacuum pump against counter rotation in instances when the pump is stopped without venting. This technology also protects the vane pump against back sucking of oil.

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