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All models weigh less than 750 Kg, including the built in options.


All models below 750 Kg including options with a built in generator and aftercooler.

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The amazing new 8 series: ready to go when you are

The new 8 Series compressor range from Atlas Copco is the result of over a decade of continuous development. For the first time, it’s possible to transport behind a normal passenger car, with no special driving license, a compressor that can produce up to 5 m3/min of air, with a full size fuel tank, aftercooler and generator all incorporated into a compact and lightweight package.

Light and efficient towable air compressor

The new 8 serie mobile compressor

The new 8 series mobile compressor

This is all made possible by the latest development in our pioneering air element design, meaning we can produce a compressor up to 150kg lighter than comparable models. However, we understand that this means nothing without efficiency. Efficiency can mean many things, such as: reduced service time, fuel consumption or increased utilization. The 8 Series ticks all the boxes when it comes to delivering outstanding performance in all of these categories.

The legendary HardHat

portable diesel air compressors

The HardHat canopy optimizes the total cost of ownership

Lastly, depending on your application you might ask about robustness, durability, ruggedness or toughness – we have one simple word for all of the above – The HardHat®. This legendary canopy was born in 2005 and the 8 Series features the latest, toughest design.

Download the leaflet of this small portable diesel air compressor range

What is the Utility range?

The dictionary defines the word utility as the state of being useful, profitable or beneficial – the 8 Series Utility range combines all three benefits inside a lightweight, compact package.

A versatile mobile air compressor

The Utility model does not have any wheels, but all the integrated features mean we are proud to call this a mobile, easy to move compressor — what do you integrate?

Diesel air compressor versatile

The utility range compressors: easy to move, easy to integrate

All 8 Series compressors are under 750 kg and service can always be completed in one hour. The Utility models come with the option to add our revolutionary PACE system. PACE enables you to control the pressure and flow – giving you even more versatility to handle the toughest applications. These models come with a corrosion free C3 rated canopy instead of a HardHat.

Easy to move, easy to integrate
The Utility model does not have any wheels, but all the integrated features mean we are proud to call this a mobile, easy to move compressor — what do you integrate?

Download the brochure of the utility range compressor

Product variations

XAS 38 kd ; XAS 48 Kd; XAHS 38 Kd; XAS 58 Kd ; XAS 68 Kd ; XATS 68 Kd ; XAS 77 Kd ; XAS 88 Kd ; XAS 48 ; XAS 68 ; XAS 97 ; XAS 38 ; XAS 48 ; XAHS 38 ; XAS 58 ; XAS 68 ; XATS 68 ; XAS 77 ; XAS 88 ; XAS 48 ; XAS 68 ; XAS 97 .
XAS38kd ; XAS48Kd; XAHS38Kd; XAS58Kd ; XAS68Kd ; XATS68Kd ; XAS77Kd ; XAS88Kd ; XAS48 ; XAS68 ; XAS97 ; XAS38 ; XAS48 ; XAHS38 ; XAS58 ; XAS68 ; XATS68 ; XAS77 ; XAS88 ; XAS48 ; XAS68 ; XAS97 .
U 130 , U 175 , U 190 , U 190 PACE , U130 , U175 , U190 , U190PACE

Can you pass the vibration challenge?

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When it comes to mechanical equipment vibration can never be a good thing. From operator discomfort to reducing the lifetime of your equipment. With the 8 Series never worry about excess vibration again. Take the challenge.

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