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BHM Modular drill heads (LBD & LBP)

Drilling made easy: many heads, one drill motor for maximum range of applications


The BHM modular drill heads are of the highest quality and provides consistent reliability and performance in a wide range of applications. It provides flexibility by allowing you to decide what drilling head to use for different drilling applications. No more switching drills when moving to the next drilling application, just grab your next head and go. Ideal for working in spaces that a conventional drill cannot reach, making your job easier, safer and more efficient. The drill heads offered in the BHM family, come in many different shapes and sizes. A drill head for every aerospace drilling need.


  • Quick disconnect system
  • Very slim design allowing great accessibility
  • Small and light
  • Collet chuck or threaded spindle
  • Modularity i.e. 1 drill motor needed instead of many


  • Low run out
  • Great operator ergonomics
  • Low operating costs
  • Very low noise level
  • Easy to use

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