Our 100% oil free air compressors meet the strictest standards for pharmaceuticals production at every pressure level.

That is how we guarantee greater product purity, more efficient processes, less waste and increased personnel safety.

Our 24/7 premium rental service ensures you 100% working time, even when you are faced with power breakdown or shortage.

Guaranteed contamination-free

Atlas Copco oil free compressors are developed for applications demanding the highest levels of purity.

Production line at Pharmaceutical plant

As the industries' first company to produce ISO-certified oil free compressed air, we guarantee zero risk of oil contamination.

It means zero risk of damaged or unsafe products, or of losses due to operational downtime. It means lower rejection rates and higher quality products. Clean exhaust air also means healthier work environments.

In short: zero oil means zero risk of ruining your hard-earned reputation.

7 reasons why Atlas Copco Rental gets the job done

  1. Industry first in 100% oil free air, ISO-certified
  2. 140+ years of experience, at home in more than 160 markets
  3. International service network, 24/7 availability
  4. Top quality equipment, components and accessories
  5. Save time and money with rental, from temporary need to planned and crisis situations
  6. Total solutions approach: set-ups designed to match your needs
  7. Reliable, lasting results thanks to excellent equipment and service