7 PTS916 units to support the further development of the world’s largest oil field

Antwerp, Belgium, 2 October 2013: TCO in Kazakhstan, one of the largest oil producers in the world, is working with 7 PTS916 units from Atlas Copco Rental. The units are used for sandblasting jobs and enable TCO to further develop one of the largest oil field in the world.

October 2, 2013

One of world’s deepest oilfields Tengizchevroil LLP (TCO) was formed between the Republic of Kazakhstan and Chevron Corporation in 1993 to explore and develop super giant Tengiz oilfield, which was discovered in 1979. Today it is one of the world’s deepest producing super giant fields, with the top of the reservoir at about 4,000 meters. The oil column is an incredible 1.5 km thick. Together with the Kashagan oilfield, which is located approximately 130 km West of Tengiz and which is the world’s largest discovery in the last 30 years, they have oil reserves similar to the USA.

Atlas Copco Rental PTS916 units for all compressed air needs To secure future oil production, TCO is further developing the Tengiz oilfield by investing in new facilities and export pipelines. Target is to increase the daily production and the ultimate recovery of the reservoir. During the site preparation, construction, pre-commissioning and maintenance as well as for sandblasting jobs TCO needs compressed air. They are working with 7 PTS916 units from Atlas Copco Rental Kazakhstan.

Oil-injected compressors replaced by oil-free air compressors to solve technical issues Due to technical issues with their own oil-injected compressors, TCO decided to replace all their units with oil-free air compressors. End of November the sandblasting activities will be stopped as winter comes in hard in Western Kazakhstan.

Contingency plan: prepared to face any situations Apart from the 7 PTS916 compressors, TCO also signed a contingency plan with Atlas Copco Rental After calculating the needs of TCO and evaluating the Atlas Copco Rental fleet, it was decided to include the whole Rental fleet of Kazakhstan and Russia in the plan. This means that when TCO suffers from a serious shut down, the entire fleet of Kazakhstan and Russia can be mobilized to minimize downtime and guarantee continued operations.

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