Compressed air to remove residual concrete from piling rigs up to 80 meters

J. Murphy and Sons Ltd ordered 6 XAS 88 compressors with an integrated generator. They wished to upgrade their compressor fleet with more efficient models and the new 8 series range was a perfect fit. The small footprint, 3 layer anti-corrosion protection (C3) and easy service in under one hour; the XAS 88 packs many features that boost productivity!

J. Murphy and Sons Limited is a global company, focusing on engineering, construction, utilities and infrastructure.  Headquartered in London, they are active in Britain, Ireland and Canada; employing over 3500 people.  Atlas Copco is a long-term preferred supplier with a strong local network and reliable solutions.

Compressed air to clean residual concrete from piling rigs

foam bal cleaning residual concrete

This foam ball is blown down the pipes, cleaning any residual concrete from the rigs

Murphy uses compressed air to clean residual concrete from 4” and 5” pipes on piling rigs. The compressed air propels an appropriately sized foam ball down the pipes, for a length of up to 80 meters. For this process, they require approximately 7 bar and 175 cfm flow. The XAS 88 can deliver this with best-in-class efficiency as it is 12% more fuel efficient compared to previous models.

For over 60 years, Murphy’s have been ‘getting the job done’. We need a long-term partner that can provide reliable equipment that will perform when and where we need it. We have numerous Atlas Copco compressors and handheld tools in our fleet. Even though they are a global company, they have a local network to help us out, no matter where our projects take us.

Denis Merrigan , Plant Manager at Murphy’s Hemel Hempstead plant depot

Integrated solution

concrete rig UK murphy and sons with integrated compressor for residual cleaning

A rig used by Murphy & Sons

Murphy’s main challenge was mobility. As their applications are invariably on rough ground, Murphy had needed a crane to move towable compressors on and off sites in the past. The frame mounted XAS 88 is mounted on the back of a vehicle; cancelling the need to maneuver the compressor on site by crane. With its small footprint and light weight (under 750 kg) this is an easy integration. Additionally, the 110% containment spillage free frame prevents any hassle with spillages on site, while service is only required once every 2 years and can also be completed in under one hour thanks to the new spin-on filter. All service points are easy accessible by opening the HardHat canopy.
frame mounted compressor with integrated generator

The frame mounted XAS 88 with integrated generator

This PE canopy ensures the compressor continues to perform, no matter how tough the environment. Finally, the customized dark green coloured HardHat hood fits with the strong Murphy branding.

More than a compressor

Innovation is part of our processes. When Atlas Copco informed us the new 8 series could feature an integrated 9 kVA generator; we immediately found additional use for the compressors. Today, the integrated generator provides the power supply used to light the tool cabins that typically accompany the piling rig. In addition, we can also power handheld grinders and small welders.

Denis Merrigan

It is clear the integrated generator in the XAS 88G compressor increases the user experience provided by Atlas Copco. Easy to use, small to integrate and rich in features and benefits; this compressor is a true multi-purpose construction machine.

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Compressed air to remove residual concrete from piling rigs up to 80 meters

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