Optimize your rental fleet

All the information you need on selecting the best mobile compressor for rental purposes, how to manage maintenance, how connectivity can boost your fleet management, and much more.

Requirements for mobile air compressors in rental fleets

Your rental fleet needs to generate revenue and profit, not extra worries and costs. Learn which features impact the return on investment for compressors in a rental fleet. These will allow you to ask the right questions when selecting a new compressor for your fleet.

Your operations

Return of investement for rental fleet is based on utilization rate

Utilization rate is the rate your equipment is rented and not on stock in your depots. Regardless of your fleet size, a higher utilization rate increases revenue and lowers return on investment time.

When building your rental fleet, the best place to start is your local market.  Do you know who your customers are?  What are their needs?

Your customers; and their needs; can be quite diverse.  One day they require a compressor to power handheld tools.  The week after they are drilling foundations.

Why do they rent? If they only need compressed air from time to time, they will prefer to rent instead of investing in their own assets.  If local regulations are changing regulary, they might also prefer to hold off any investments.

Keeping your rental compressor in perfect shape

Equipment that is not performing, will lower your utilization rate.
Minimize downtime
All equipment needs to be serviced but some tips can minimize the downtime:
  • long service intervals
  • compressors that can be serviced easy, quick and without the need for special tools: can you easy access all service points, is relevant documentation available, is it easy to maintain the compressor...
  • easy order needed sparepart kits
The last years, connectivity also improves uptime.  
  • Can you track your equipment's location and status?

The impact of a rental fleet when not rented: footprint

When your assets are not on rent, they are consuming another valuable asset: available space.

  • You would want to select the most compact compressor with the highest power.  
  • Some compressor models can even be stacked up to 3 levels high.
  • Limited height and weight can also allow compressors to be stocked in racks.

These features limit the extra costs when your assets are not rented.

What is a good rental fleet utilization rate?

This depends on the location and size of your business.  A 100% utilization rate would mean you have a perfect balance between your fleet and your customers' needs.  On the other hand, it will be more challenging to grow your customer base.  The perfect utilization rate minimizes your unrented assets while still being able to deliver to the local demand.


Offering the latest technology to your rental customers does not have to result in only adding compressors to your fleet.  During the purchasing process, check the resale value on the second hand market, or even better: ask the compressor manufacturer to buy back your old equipment.  You will have the best compressor rental fleet, at the lowest investment.

How do your customers experience your fleet?

Using compressors incorrectly can damage them or worse even, lead to dangerous situations.  The best rental compressor is easy to use, also for untrained operators.  Make sure to check quick start procedures can easy be found on the equipment, and clearly understood.

Your customers experience will directly reflect on your brand:

  • is the compressor easy to use?
  • is the compressor easy to transport and manouver on site?

Tomorrow's utilization rate will be based in today's experience.


Put yourselves in your customers' shoes and discover what brings value.

Optimize your rental fleet

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