MultiFlex Swivel
MULTIFLEX-3/8 product photo
The MultiFlex Swivel is an ingenious multi-directional connector that bends and rotates in all directions while the hose remains straight, making it easy to operate in spaces with poor accessibility. In the MultiFlex, the air passes through a continuous section, whatever the angle of the swivel, thus ensuring minimum pressure drop to the tool and maximum productivity. Made from special aluminum, with high toughness, they can stand up to the roughest handling.
Country of origin is FR. Customs tariff is 84818099

Technical Specifications

Dimension & weight
80.6 mm
Outlet male thread BSP
3/8 in
29.5 mm
130 g
Inlet female thread BSP
3/8 in
Air information
Max rec. air flow
32 l/s
Max working pressure
10 bar
Min burst pressure
40 bar
MULTIFLEX-3/8 product photo


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MultiFlex reduces hose wear
Takes the load off the operator
Long working life-time


Rotates freely
High flow capacity
Minimum pressure drop, high productivity
Strong and durable
Cover made of EPDM