Vane Air Motor with Helical Gearbox LZL
LZL05-BF322-B-033 product photo
The LZL vane motor is available directly mounted to a helical gearbox to create different speeds and torques that are most suitable for your application. The output depends on the gear ration within the helical gear. The motors are available in two mounting configurations: foot or flange.
Country of origin is HU. Customs tariff is 84123900

Technical Specifications

Min starting torque
151 Nm
Torque at max output
90 Nm
Stall torque
180 Nm
External parts material
Powder coated cast iron/Aluminium
LZL05-BF322-B-033 product photo


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Reliable starting
Strong bearings
Long vane life
Efficient power transmission


IEC and NEMA mounting options
Lubrication free
Stainless steel available
Good low speed characteristics