Pistol PRO Direct Drive Screwdriver S23
S2326 product photo
The Atlas Copco Pistol PRO Direct Drive Screwdriver S23 are well suited for self-drilling and wood screws. The tools are well balanced and quiet. A soft-start trigger ensures smooth operation and the air exhaust is adjustable through 360 degrees. These highly engineered fastening tools meet the demands for industrial performance,speed and durability. Well-balanced for good ergonomics, PRO screwdrivers take productivity to a whole new level.
Country of origin is HU. Customs tariff is 84671190

Technical Specifications

Torque range soft joint min
0 Nm
Torque range soft joint max
4.5 Nm
Certifications, standards & directives
EU Standard
ISO 11148-6
EAC certified
EU Directives


Operator comfort
High Precision
Speed and versatility


Direct Driven for various applications
360 degrees adjustable air exhaust
Soft-start trigger
Quick change chuck
Well balanced and good ergonomics