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Powered by automation - Pit Viper


Technology and automation solutions that improve safety, productivity, and operating cost of running your Atlas Copco Drill.

Leveraging the power of technology and automation to improve the performance of your drill year after year, that’s what Powered by Automation on Atlas Copco drills is all about and we can help you get it done.

  • The Rig Control System (RCS) platform is standard on all Pit Vipers and is the foundation for Pit Viper Automation.
  • Robust components designed for the extreme environments found in mining
  • Multiple options allow you to leverage RCS and Pit Viper Automation to meet your specific mining challenges
  • Automation packages can be built around your needs with off the shelf solutions from Atlas Copco. Here are some examples of the systems that make Atlas Copco the leader in drill automation:

    Automation with an operator on the drill

    Automation via teleremote operation with the operator off the drill

    All of the above options plus:

  • Bench Remote control station which give the operator full control of one or multiple drills running teleremote

  • Operations Center trailer which is an off the shelf solution for teleremote operation packaged into one convenient trailer for simple mobility around your mine

  • Camera package including a pan, tilt, zoom camera for remote situational awareness
  • Fully autonomous operation with minimal operator interaction

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