A Trailer-Made solution to increase efficiency and safety.

January 10, 2020

When renting out equipment for Air, Steam, Power, or Nitrogen production, one of the first things that comes to mind is: “where will it be installed? Outside or indoors? Limited space or a large field? Flat surface or bumpy road?” Each case has its own challenges.

It goes without saying that safety should always be a huge point of focus, especially in the Rental business. We handle incredibly large and heavy machinery, face lots of different sites and hazards, and plan out projects in critical conditions from start to finish.

One of our newest solutions allows customers to have a fully customized setup, whether it’s for Air, Steam, Nitrogen, or Power, ready to use and mounted on a Safety Trailer. Perfect for locations with limited available space or on roads less traveled. Using the Safety Trailer not only results in an optimized running-time, but it is also crucial to remember the importance of fall protection and operator safety, even at limited heights.

Innovation is awarded

Our work did not go unnoticed by the Atlas Copco Group. The annual Atlas Copco Safety and Health Award aims to promote and inspire all branches of the Atlas Copco Group and increase safety and health awareness. We’re proud to say that Rental Europe won the award in 2019, with our Safety Trailer.

Operational safety and efficiency

The lightweight modular work platform, with a collapsible walkway and handrail, provides excellent fall protection and thus significantly reducing risks of injuries the operators. It also provides an extended standing platform, allowing our own, or our client’s operators to ergonomically work on the trailer-mounted equipment. During transport, the pathway with handrails is collapsed and can be easily unfolded on-site.

The Safety Trailer is ideal for stationary applications when space and accessibility are limited, or even on rougher surfaces. It can be parked on-site, and because cranes or forklifts can be removed from the equation, fewer workers are required to get everything up and running. Because the equipment is pre-installed at Atlas Copco Rental, it is virtually immediately ready to use once it arrives at its destination. In turn, this guarantees the most efficient installation-time. When progress is made on-site, the Safety Trailer also allows for smooth relocation if necessary. When the job is completed, the Safety Trailer is hooked up and driven away. So no decommissioning necessary on the worksite.

Innovations like this help us work more efficient and most of all: safer.

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