Sustainability is in our DNA, wind farm projects stay on track

July 8, 2020

Virginia Beach

Back in 2018 we were contacted to assist on a new Clean Energy project. This required two 600 foot tall wind turbines which were planned to be installed in deep waters, 27 miles off the shore of Virginia Beach. This would generate about 12 megawatts of clean and sustainable energy for more than 3,000 homes, once fully installed and operational. Marine life can be very susceptible during construction in offshore projects. Excessive noise and operations can affect them. And working around marine life migration routes and timing would mean delaying the project. This is why Bubble curtain technology exists! To protect the marine life a special technology ring with perforations is placed in the seabed around the construction site, compressed air is pushed through the ring, allowing air bubbles to escape through the perforations, forming a barrier around the construction site, reducing the spread of harmful noises and vibrations. Working together as a global team we were able to offer the right solution, close to 26,000 cfm of Class 0, Oil-Free Air for the Bubble Curtain to protect marine life and keep the installation of Wind turbines on schedule, the support of two of our Service technicians during installation and setup and sixteen PTS1600 T4i compressors and accessories—a total solution. Overall, we were able to run our new PTS 1600 T4i compressors to provide better fuel-efficiency and reduced carbon print with cleaner combustion! The customer was able to operate the Bubble Curtain with no setbacks, keeping their project within their time and maintaining all regulations to protect marine life. This clean energy project has a projected goal of providing up to 2,600 megawatts of clean energy by 2026, benefiting more than a million people! They need reliable partners to achieve their goals, and that’s why we are here.

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