Atlas Copco Rental North America supports manufacturer of household products with own N2 supply when nearby liquid N2 supplier goes on fire

June 3, 2019

After a recent fire at a major regional air separation plant, the sudden loss of their primary source of liquid nitrogen threatened to completely shut down production at one of the largest and fastest single site aerosol producer in the world. To avoid significant financial losses and be able to maintain production, the company reached out to Atlas Copco Rental for a temporary portable nitrogen generator solution.

Race against the clock

Due to the sudden nitrogen shortage in the region, the plant only had enough nitrogen supply left for four days of production while the air separation plant was scheduled to be out of commission for a period of six weeks.

One option was to import bulk liquid nitrogen from another state. As this would prove to be a logistical hassle, they chose to avoid this inefficient and costly solution. Instead, they decided to bring in Atlas Copco Rental to solve their urgent problem.

We then supplied the customer with a mobile oil-free diesel air compressor PNS 1250 together with a nitrogen generator NGM 1100. The nitrogen generator distils nitrogen from the air, enabling the production processes to keep going without exploiting the customer’s bulk supply of liquid nitrogen.

John McCloskey, Area Sales Manager, explains: “As the plant only had enough supply for four days, we needed to get the equipment on site as fast as possible. Thanks to the excellent coordination between our different regional teams, we were even able to supply all necessary equipment ahead of schedule, making sure no valuable time was lost.”

Once the equipment was on site, we assisted with the installation and start-up. In order to provide a total solution, we also flew in one of our operators to train the employees of the company on the use of the nitrogen generator.

A financial disaster averted

The customer was able to continue its production processes thanks to our portable nitrogen generator and compressor. By providing this short-term rental solution, we helped to avoid a complete shutdown of the facility and, by doing so, averted a financial loss of millions of dollars a week.

Our 100% oil-free portable diesel compressor PNS 1250 together with our NGM 1100 membrane nitrogen generator were the perfect short-term solution for this unexpected shortage. The customer really appreciated our hands-on approach. They were so happy with our support that they even shared our solution offering to other local businesses also affected by the same nitrogen shortage.

John McCloskey , Area Sales Manager - Rental North America

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