Oil-free compressed air revitalizing petrochemical installations

September 6, 2018

The petrochemical industry is booming!

The main reason for its success? Its versatile product range from petrol to plastics. Since market demand is increasing, the industry has a lot to gain from efficiency and uptime. One of the many tasks crucial to maximizing the return of your petrochemical installations is ‘decoking’. But what exactly is decoking?

Let us make a brief comparison.

A petrochemical installation is just like your fridge at home. In the course of time, ice will pile itself up on the sides of your fridge. And every now and then you will need to defrost your refrigerator in order to remove the ice. If you wait too long, the ice layer will thicken and your fridge will consume more energy, making one hell of an energy bill. Now this process of deposit build-up also occurs in petrochemical installations. And the ‘cleaning’ of the cracking furnace, let’s say the heart, of your petrochemical installation is called decoking. But unlike with your refrigerator at home, getting rid of those deposits is not that easy and requires a special intervention.

  • Read our full blog post to get further insight into how such an intervention works and what you can do to carry out this process as efficiently and smoothly as possible. 

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