Flexible Nitrogen Solutions: extra dry, on-site and easy to transport

October 19, 2018

At Atlas Copco Rental, we offer nitrogen solutions for a variety of applications: some require extra dry nitrogen, while others need special services and transportation to get the machine(s) to remote locations or into very small rooms. Atlas Copco Rental Belgium has offered a full service solution for both.

aftercooler HD 1500, twin tower dryer CD 1100, ZR 160 oil-free air screw compressor

Aftercooler HD 1500, twin tower dryer CD 1100, ZR 160 oil-free air screw compressor

We deliver installations that, depending on your preferences and requirements, generate your own secure nitrogen on-site. Renting liquid nitrogen tanks often comes at a price: complex logistics, additional costs or production continuity headaches. But if you do decide to keep working with liquid nitrogen, we can still be of service. All of our dryers can easily be connected to your existing installations.

I’ll take the nitrogen, extra dry

Not that long ago, Atlas Copco Rental Belgium had supported a project for cleaning pipelines. The customer, a specialist in the chemical industry, usually works with liquid nitrogen which they vaporize on-site to dry the installations and make them inert. For one of their specific applications, the moisture content in the vaporized nitrogen was too high. So they contacted Atlas Copco Rental Belgium for a solution to get the nitrogen extra dry. We delivered an absorption dryer filled with molecular sieve (a granular absorbent mass) that can dry the nitrogen to a pressure dew point of -70°C.

Remote locations and small rooms

Some locations are more remote or have less space than others, which makes it a challenge to deliver or commission the complete installation. This was also the case for one of our customers in the energy sector who needed a temporary replacement for a dryer, due to a defect. The challenge? The location could only be reached via narrow passageways through which the complete installation could not pass. Due to this difficult accessibility, the temporary dryers had to be completely and 100% reliable. Our solution? A full-service solution with 2 parallel dryers. Before transport, we replaced the absorption granules of both dryers and tested them extensively. Afterwards, our service technicians disassembled the units partially for transportation. On arrival, all parts were maneuvered to their location to be put back into their frame.

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