Our newest ‘Twinpower’ generator doubles the power at EPSI

May 22, 2019

Temse, Belgium: when the engineers at Engineered Pressure Systems International (EPSI), specialist in high-pressure, isostatic equipment, were in need of a great amount of power for the testing of their installations, they immediately contacted Atlas Copco Rental Europe. As we had recently added the QAC 1450 ‘Twinpower’ to our fleet, we didn’t think twice: we delivered them twice!

QAC 1450 TwinPower at Epsi Belgium

QAC 1450 TwinPower at Epsi Belgium

At EPSI, high-pressure installations are used for the densification of various materials such as metal, ceramics, composites and plastics in almost all industries. For example, the base material for prostheses is porous, which isn’t ideal for such an important support system. The EPSI units compress this ceramic to the point of being almost indestructible. The company is also involved in many Research & Development projects for various international technology giants. For instance ocean pressures can be simulated, which is crucial in the testing of deep sea components for offshore use.

Double the power

To keep up with peak performances, this equipment needs testing as well. That takes power – about 3200 A to be exact, which is not available at the EPSI site. The units need to heat up before the densification can start: the material inside is much easier to manage when heated, sometimes even up to 2000°C! After heating, the pressing begins, which requires a lower current. Usually their installations are powered on the premises of their customers. During testing phases on their own construction yard, they call upon Atlas Copco Rental to provide them with temporary power on-site. We recently added the QAC 1450 Twinpower to our fleet and decided this would be the perfect match as 2 Twinpowers could easily supply 4000 A.

Half the space

The EPSI outdoor site isn’t very large, which makes it a challenge to absolutely maximize the clever use of space. Twinpowers allow us to do just that. Putting just two Twinpowers on the spot instead of multiple machines not only decreases the use of valuable space – it also decreases transportation costs, as well as the amount of fuel needed by 5%.

Dynamic way of collaboration

The Twinpower makes for a sustainable way of working. You get the power you need, when you need it. In the first phase of testing, not an awful amount of power is needed just yet. In which case only one half of one Twinpower is used. When the ovens for heating are turned on however, the full power of both Twinpowers is necessary. After making an efficiency assessment together with our Sales Engineer and the engineers at EPSI, our project managers designed a tailor-made remote solution to fully control the different power phases.

Winning at twinning

In the end, this specific use of Twinpowers proved its worth! EPSI ran the tests smoothly, improving their installations before sale. And we saw the efficiency of our Twinpowers, built on experience and thought-out design, take shape. Double win, indeed!

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