Philips uses Atlas Copco low pressure oil-free air for testing energy-efficient lamps

Antwerp, Belgium, August 17, 2015 – Philips Lighting nv in Turnhout, Belgium, relies on low pressure oil-free air to cool down the test cabin that burns energy efficient CDM lamps.

August 17, 2015

When we contacted Philips Lighting to discuss the benefits of a contingency plan, the company was also very interested in low pressure oil-free air. They need this type of air for the testing of their energy-efficient CDM lamps, that provide energy savings without compromising light quality. Cooling down test cabin with low pressure blower The test, burning of the CDM lamps, happens in a closed and heat encapsulated frame. Because of the heat generation, an ideal airflow for the test process is provided by blowers. Experience learned the Philips engineers that cooling by a low pressure 200 mbar air flow is most efficient. Their existing unit didn’t match these requirements so they had to find a solution to increase pressure and flow.

Atlas Copco Rental supplies full installation Atlas Copco Rental offered a 100% oil-free electric ZS compressor that produces 2289 m³/h at max. 1,2 bar. Together with hoses, power cables, connections, an air receiver, a collector and an adapter, we provided the entire installation. Rental leads to buying

It was the first time we rented this type of ZS compressor. So before sending it to Philips, we set up a similar configuration at our premises to test the installation. After this successful test, all material went to Philips. They rented it for two months, after which Philips decided to buy an Atlas Copco ZL blower.

Jeroen Van Deventer , Region manager at Atlas Copco Rental Europe

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