Power plant boiler requires impressive volume of hot, dry air for heat treatment

January 16, 2018

In the heart of the German Ruhr area, Uniper Kraftswerke operates their 1100 MW power plant Datteln 4. When their main steam generator was due for a heat treatment to the inner side of the boiler, they needed a high volume of dry, compressed air.

Heat treatment takes the stress out of the boiler’s material and it should be carried out before the steam generator is put into operation. The whole procedure takes 3.5 weeks and requires dry compressed air to pressurize the inside of the boiler. The temperature of that compressed air is brought up to 480°C and kept at that heat for 200 hours. The heat treatment doesn’t only relieve the pressure on the material, but it also allows to measure and assess the behaviour of the surrounding material.

High volumes of compressed air? Rely on Rental

The project required an impressive amount of compressed air: a volume of 26 000m³/h, at a working pressure of 10 bar and a pressure dew point of -40° C. Uniper had already worked with Atlas Copco Rental before, so they knew their project was in safe hands. “Especially the preliminary discussions gave us a good feeling that Atlas Copco Rental was capable of handling this kind of project. Now the project is over, we are happy to say they lived up to the expectations,” explains Torsten Reydt, Construction Supervisor Machinery. The whole installation consisted of 14 PTS 1600 units, diesel-driven, oil-free compressors with 14 matching adsorption dryers (CD 47) and 14 matching fuel tanks of 3000 liters. Two AdBlue tanks of 100 liters ensured a smooth operation of the compressors and a cleaner exhaust. Six Atlas Copco rental technicians worked around the clock in three shifts to keep all the equipment up and running.

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