Keeping food industry active in northern Italy

June 30, 2021

Atlas Copco Rental ensured power continuity during major capital project of leading global yeast producer AB Mauri.

We all know just how critical uptime is for any industrial-scale production facility, but when your entire operations gravitate around the health and survival of living organisms it can be a matter of life and death. Literally! Whilst executing one of their major energy efficiency investment projects, AB Mauri, the world’s leading producer of yeasts for the baking industry, called on Atlas Copco Rental, the world’s most trusted provider of agile industrial solutions as partner to ensure smoothless operations during the installation of their new blowers in the core department of fermentation. Fermentation is the process to feed the strains and grow yeast. And we’re pleased to report that our temporary power package not only kept their fermentation process running – ensuring happy microorganisms, it also did run so efficiently and reliably – ensuring a very happy customer! 

Boosting innovation

With 52 production plants in 32 countries run by 7,000 employees, AB Mauri is a global market leading producer of yeasts and other ingredients for the bakery industry.  When AB Mauri planned the introduction of a new technology of turboblowers to improve their energy use, the engineering department was looking for a medium-voltage electrical substation to power their Italian facility – one of AB Mauri’s largest yeast production plants – eliminating any potential risk of interruption in the energy supply. And that’s when AB Mauri’s local team gave a call to Atlas Copco Rental Italy. 

Heart and soul of the business

It’s no exaggeration to state that the fermentation process represents the heart and soul of AB Mauri’s business. This is where different strains of the company’s microscopic sugar-eating fungi grow: a constant and reliable supply of power is critical to ensure the right temperature and oxygen for the strains to live and reproduce themselves. 

To keep the fermentation as well as the plant’s large-scale refrigeration unit online throughout the installation, we designed a package comprising separate QAS 630kva power modules – 1 for each system – as well as our intelligent power management system to ensure built-in redundancy and seamless synchronization between both units. We also provided a third module to serve as a back-up to meet customer’s contingency plan requirement which was returned unused as the original power modules provided flawless performance.

Nicola Di Savino , Sales Area Manager at Atlas Copco Rental Italy

Total solution

The solution included all auxiliary pipes, cables and adaptors to ensure a seamless connection with AB Mauri’s production systems as well as a 3,000L fuel tank to service the power modules operating in tandem. As well as the flawless operation, our customer was particularly impressed with the speed and efficiency with which the entire package was delivered, installed, and commissioned by our on-site technicians.

We are very pleased with the rental project provided by Atlas, both from the planning side and from the logistics perspective. We received timely and professional support for the start-up of the power modules. Atlas Copco Rental equipment was intuitive to use, easy to handle and proved to be technically reliable.

Alberto Alice , Head of Capital Projects at AB Mauri EMEA

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