Why a reliable and efficient nitrogen supply is critical to applications in many industries

Nitrogen applications are focussed on ensuring the safety of personnel, decontaminating equipment and quality of goods.

February 17, 2020

Some of its primary uses are in:

  • Wastewater treatment – inerting digester tanks, allowing them to be entered safely for cleaning and maintenance
  • Pipelines – purging, drying and inerting after pigging, also occasionally used for the pigging itself
  • Coal mining – inerting sealed off sections of the mine
  • Packaging – used to expel oxygen from shipping containers, keeping produce fresh

With processes as important as these, it is no wonder that businesses go to such great lengths to ensure their supply of nitrogen is pure, uninterrupted and available on demand.

Until recently businesses would rely on regular deliveries of bottled nitrogen, but this presents a number of issues. They are high in cost, subject to logistical hassles beyond your control, present safety concerns and are cumbersome to move around your site, to name just a few.

Infographic - N2 during temporary rental installation

Our plug-and-play nitrogen setups are a game-changer in the nitrogen supply industry.

Our setups enhance the quality, safety and efficiency of applications on which they are used. Requiring only an air compressor, nitrogen generator and hoses they are quickly ready to run once on-site.

The compressor provides feed air and power to the nitrogen unit, and the nitrogen unit uses advanced membrane technology to expel the oxygen, leaving only high-purity nitrogen for your application.

The entire operation is controlled by an electronic panel on the nitrogen generator. A simple push of a button delivers as much or as little nitrogen as your application requires.

Nitrogen applications are diverse, so our nitrogen setups are all about flexibility.

The nitrogen output is fully customisable based on your needs, with purities up to 99.9% and pressure up to 24 bar, depending on the machines you use. Importantly, the entire setup is towable. Bottled nitrogen requires a forklift and cage to be transported, but our machines require just a sturdy vehicle and a tow ball to be moved from point to point around your site, delivering nitrogen where and when you need it.

You are looking to make the switch from bottled nitrogen to on-site nitrogen generation?

Ben Hindle

Digital Marketing Coordinator - Atlas Copco Rental Oceania

Why a reliable and efficient nitrogen supply is critical to applications in many industries

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