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Reciprocating gas compressors HX & HN

Offering extremely reliable solutions for a wide range of applications,  . HX and HN oil-free piston gas compressors handle gases such as air, nitrogen, CO2, methane, hydrogen and argon. In addition to standard packages, they can be customized to meet your exact process requirements. Our HX/HN gas compressors help keep your costs in check with low maintenance requirements.

HX and HN high pressure gas compressors deliver clean energy at natural gas grid injection stations and for CNG applications, true to Atlas Copco’s commitment as one of the world’s most sustainable companies.

reciprocating gas compressors HX & HN
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Technical description reciprocating gas compressors HX and HN

Industrial air and gas applications

HX and HN high pressure reciprocating gas compressors handle compression solutions in power plantsoil and gas siteschemical plants, and industrial processes around the world. Powered by an energy-efficient horizontal balanced opposed design, our versatile HX/HN gas compressors can have many faces. Handling gases such as air, nitrogen, CO2, methane, hydrogen and argon, they play the part of:

  • fuel gas booster
  • high pressure air/nitrogen supply for air/nitrogen separation units
  • nitrogen booster in many industries like metalfood and beverage

Our flexible HX/HN design can be used for a wide variety of applications and industries.

Find out more about our HX/HN solutions for medium pressure air.

Oil-free whatever the conditions

Oil-free compression with PTFE piston rings and long distance pieces safeguards gas quality. That’s an important asset, since even the slightest contamination of oil is unacceptable and could lead to high risks in many applications. HX/HN high pressure gas compressors work under strenuous conditions in outdoor, indoor, refineries, deserts (high ambient temperatures) and sandy environments.

Adjustable flow rate

To ensure maximum flexibility in your operation, a variety of regulation systems, including optional variable speed drive (high variable large scale between 40-100% of the flow), valve load-unload mechanism adjust the flow rate according to the actual utilization of the machine and bypass system (pressure control valve). What’s more, our experts are here to help you choose compressor options to meet your specific needs. 


Technical benefits

Certified oil-free

Securing your process with the best possible air and gas quality, oil-free technology meets the stringent ISO Class Zero standard. Oil-free delivery is not only important when gas comes into contact with consumable end products; it also eliminates the adverse effects that oil can have on your processes and equipment.

More on Class 0

Fully adaptable to your application needs
We can meet your gas composition compatibility and inlet pressure requirements with fully customized parts and materials. We are compliant with the components (valves, piston rod packings, cylinders) according to your gas type and humidity content, or select a standardized setup.
Handling many gases and applications
Meet one of the most versatile reciprocating compressors in the industry: HX/HN compressors handle air, nitrogen, hydrogen, argon, CO2, biomethane, natural gas, compressed natural gas for grid injection, etc
24/7 compressor operatio
Boosting your uninterrupted productivity, HX/HN piston gas compressors can work efficiently and cost-effectively under difficult site conditions with minimal maintenance and long overhaul intervals
Up to 8 000 hours/year service-free
Turn to a machine that gets the job done without fail. With a horizontal balanced opposed design that is safe and produces less vibration, HX/HN gas compressors several thousand hours per year without service intervention. Low piston speed and low inter-stage temperatures also preserve the inner parts of the machines, drawing from API 618 guidelines


Technical specification

Technical Property Value

Based on API 618.

Between 130 and 14000 Nm³/h / 76.5 to 3240 scfm.

Inlet pressures
From 0.035 to 50 bar(g) / 0.0508 to 725 psig.

Discharge pressures
Depending on type of gas compressed:
• Air & nitrogen: up to 150 bar(g) / 2175 psig.
• Argon, methane, biomethane: up to 100 bar(g) / 1450 psig.
• Hydrogen: up to 100 bar(g) / 1450 psig.
• CO2: up to 100 bar(g) / 1450 psig.
• Gas mixtures: depend on gas composition

   (H2S content up to acceptable level)

Pressure ratios

Minimum 1.2 / Maximum 5 (depending on gases).

Number of stages
1 to 4.

Dew point

We have a flexible solution to compress wet and dry gas

From 30 to 560 kW / 40 to 750 hp

Revolution speeds
360 to 1000 rpm.

Meeting international standards

HX and HN reciprocating gas compressors are certified according to major international standards including:

  • CE/PED
  • ASME
  • SQRL
  • GOST
  • API
  • IEC/CE
  • UL/CSA
  • ATEX Zones
  • PED
  • other codes or standards on request


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