Electric mobile compressor E-Air H250 VSD

Variable Speed Drive: 247 cfm - 117 l/s

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Comparable to the sound level of a normal conversation.


More flow with the same power consumption.


Service intervals. Or once every 2 years.

Noise maximum 65 bB(A)

Power your tools with a compressor as silent as a normal conversation

Improved efficiency

Simple service

No diesel emissions

Versatile PACE controller

Up to 14 bar thanks to the PACE controller

Variable speed drive permanent magnet electric motor

Just plug and play, no DOL starter where oversizing is required

Discover the new E-Air H250 VSD electric variable speed mobile compressor

For the right application, the benefits of going electric cannot be overstated: from improved noise levels to no diesel engine emissions; and from improved efficiency to simpler service. Why should you not go electric? As long as you have an electric power source on your site, the electric compressor will always be the most efficient selection.

Compact, lightweight and quiet, the E-Air V 250 is a plug-and-play solution that brings efficient compressed air to any job site that is connected to the grid.

The beating heart of the E-Air V 250 is a variable speed drive, permanent magnet motor, an in-house designed, proven electric motor that achieves unrivaled efficiency benefits and very low noise levels.

Plug-and-play versatile electric compressor

PACE versatile controller electric compressor

The PACE controller

Driven by Atlas Copco's PACE controller, the E-Air V 250 allows you to select any pressure setting between 5 and 12 bar. This selection returns the flow your application requires.

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Product variations

E-Air H250 VSD; E-Air H 250 VSD; E-Air H 250VSD

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