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"Opportunities in the Atlas Copco Group are absolutely extraordinary. I began my career with Atlas Copco in 1989, working in the same company you are able to experience working in different roles, with diverse markets and in multiple countries. The challenges are endless, this is why I love working at Atlas Copco. " Paul Williams, Vice Presidentt Holdings

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Paul began his career with Atlas Copco in 1989 as Financial Controller for Secoroc Australia Pty Limited. Paul moved into the position of General Manager Shared Services in 1999, with this role growing to cover 14 countries across the Asia Pacific region over the next few years, and also serving as part of the global shared services management team. During this time he concurrently took on the role of VP Holdings for Australia/NZ in 2001.

In 2008 Paul’s role changed to focus on developing the Holdings function, and the South East Asia region was added to his responsibility in 2012. In this role he chairs the legal boards of Group subsidiaries across 10 countries, and manages a multi-disciplinary team providing support to these business units.

Paul has wide and varied experience in financial & risk management and corporate governance across the Asia Pacific region.

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Paul Williams

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