The new lobe blower ZL 2 (VSD): reliability at low capital cost

With the ZL 2 & ZL 2 VSD (11-45 kW / 20-60 hp) oil-free lobe blowers Atlas Copco offers you established lobe blower technology and reliable design for a pressure range up to 1 bar(g) / 15 psig, ensuring you of high process uptime at the right price.

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Reliability in harsh environments

Operation in high-ambient temperature environments or at high altitudes is not an issue for our newest generation of oil-free lobe blowers. The cooling system and integrated safety and start-up valve contribute to trouble-free operation during the lifetime of the blower.

Meeting your air quality demands

We care about the quality of your product. The ZL blower parts are certified to be used in the industries that have high air quality demands, such as the food industry, ensuring no contamination from foreign parts or unfit materials.

Closely monitored - limited supervision

The integrated variable speed drive controller with Elektronikon® Mk5 panel provides total observance of the blower's condition and sends you the information that is needed, and therefore minimizes your supervision time.

What makes the new ZL 2 lobe blower series unique?

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Scroll through our digital ZL 2 & ZL 2 VSD brochure or download the PDF version:

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cooler canopy


more compact


better noise reduction