ADU - Advanced Drilling Units

Modularity and versatility. Our PFD - Power Feed Drill is your best choice for hole making in aerospace assembly.


Hole quality

Keep your workplace clean with Atlas Copco’s ChipLet® feature which makes chips easy to evacuate. With ChipLet® during countersinking, you have a onestep process. Giving process improvements in terms of both productivity and quality.

Modularity & safe operation

The modular design means fewer backup tools. You can also save on service as the platform is based on standard, reusable components.


My operators will really appreciate how all the controls on the tool are grouped in one and the same place. This reduces the risk of operator errors. The tool is also very well balanced which makes it easy to move around.

Advanced Drilling Units - Positive feed drills (PFD)

The PFD equipment from Atlas Copco is an Advanced Drilling Unit that offers outstanding productivity, robustness and it's ease of use. The modular design allows easy service and re-configuration for optimized cutting parameters and maximized uptime. With this platform you have all you need for hole preparation. Reduce cycle time and increase output with a powerful turbine motor. This robust tool is well suited for factory environment and the long service intervals maximizes up-time of your investments.
Whatch our video to learn more.


Riveting systems

The modular approach means quick
deliveries when needed, and makes it
easy to re-work your existing products
when urgent applications come up.
With our technical documentation and
support you will quickly put new tools
to work on your assembly line.

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