Vertical grinder

Durable and easy to handle


Product safety for grinders

Product safety for grinders. Learn more about safety features on Atlas Copco grinders and what measures the operator has to take to take for a safe operation. Atlas Copco puts safety first and all our tools are tested at our plants.



Speed governor

To ensure optimum process speed at all times

Auto balancer

On selected models

Rigid design

Gives reliability and long service intervals

LSS Series

LSS64 S085-18, vertical grinder

LSS vertical grinders have a robust design and are suitable for rough grinding on open surfaces and cutting off operations. All the tools are fitted with a speed governor as standard to ensure optimum process speed at all times. Selected models offer an Autobalancer as standard that reduces unbalanced forces and, in turn, vibrations.

PRO series

Vertical Grinder G2415 Hoffmann Group

PRO grinders are a popular choice for high quality finishing and general surface preparation. They are durable, lightweight tools that deliver all the power you need, yet easy to handle. All grinders, except the G2408-series, have built-in speed governors running the grinding wheel at optimal speed.

The rigid design with a vertically standing air motor and nodular cast iron cylinder gives impressively long service life and durability. The nodular cast iron has a lubricating effect, which prolongs the intervals between service. The vertical grinders are suitable for very rough grinding and cutting off operations on open surfaces.

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