GTG40 Angle Turbine Sander

Feel the power. Boost the performance


Arguably the most powerful hand-held sander on the market, the GTG40 angle turbine sander sets the standards in the industry. Thanks to its revolutionary one step turbine motor, the tool takes less time to do the same job. Delivering incredible power for its size and weight, the GTG40 range solves your rough sanding applications.


  • Matchless power-to-weight ratio for increased productivity
  • Highest material removal rate in its class
  • Reduced risk of vibration related injuries
  • Reduced amount of particles in the air for improved working environment
  • Reduced risk of overspeed


  • Highly efficient turbine motor
  • Precise speed governor
  • Integrated Autobalancer
  • Dust extraction as accessory
  • Overspeed shut-off device
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GTG40 S060-700


  • Max free speed : 6,000 r/min
  • Max wheel dia : 7 inch
  • Spindle thread : 5/8-11 UNC
GTG40 S060-700
GTG40 S060


  • Max free speed : 6,000 r/min
  • Max wheel dia : 140 mm
  • Spindle thread : 5/8-11 UNC
GTG40 S060