Excavator magnet

Hydraulic magnet for carriers of 12-45 tons

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Broaden your business, turn waste into profit

Easily attached to any hydraulic carrier and ideal for demolition sites, scrap yards and recycling facilities.

25 % faster

Short draw/drop cycles save time and money

Built-in generator

Maintenance-free, electronically controlled, corrosion-free body.

Power control

Hydraulic flow and pressure automatically controlled

Diagnostic panel

Multi-functional panel indicates current working status

Smart protection

Digital control device protects against electrical shorts and over-heating

Ready for tough conditions

Hermetically sealed steel casing and exterior Hardox steel ring

Why leave money lying on the ground?

Our excavator magnet is a highly efficient way of adding magnetic lifting capabilityy to your fleet of excavators. The magnet will help you save on equipment repair and downtime and allow you to turn scrap metal into a profitable income source. A hydraulic magnet attaches easily to any excavator and is ideal for demolition sites, scrap yards and recycling facilities.

Two versions per model

You can select out of two versions
- the fixed magnet (F version) and
- the mobile magnet with chain link (M version)

Technical specifications

Connection hoses

Connection hoses for leakage oil or activation

Your benefits

Safe, clean job sites reduce equiment damage. Excavator magnets increase utilization of your carrier and are virtually maintenance free.