ZH 10000

100% Oil-free air centrifugal compressor - High volume

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Plug-and-run package

The integrated design of the ZH includes internal piping, coolers, motor, lubrication, inlet guide vanes and control system: all supplied as a ready-to-use package. Installation is fault-free, commissioning time is low and no external instrument air is required. You simply plug and run.

Designed to save energy and guarantee reliability.

The ZH will protect your production: it will operate reliably even in extremes of temperature and humidity.

Certified 100% oil-free air

ZH compressors provide 100% pure, clean air, complying with ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 (2010) certification. CLASS 0 means zero risk of contamination; zero risk of damaged or unsafe products; zero risk of losses from operational downtime; and zero risk of damaging your company’s hard-won reputation.

Note that fleet differs from market to market: contact us locally for information on availability of equipment.