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Cutting blades & teeth

Atlas Copco teeth and blades for the CC, BP and DP ranges are outstanding wear parts with long lifetimes thanks to precise manufacturing and steel quality. The high-quality steel used in the manufacturing provides a longer lifetime compared to other alternatives. In addition, the dimensional tolerances are strictly respected, which is important, as the blades and teeth are subject to extreme loads, and an incorrect seating can generate extensive damage in the jaws.

Features: Benefits:
  • Designed to meet a high-quality standard in deconstruction cutting and pulverizing
  • Safeguard main components even under high loads
  • High-quality alloy with excellent wear resistance
  • Increased lifetime

Drum cutter bits

Atlas Copco offers a range of drum cutter bits designed to meet a high-quality standard in rotary cutting. The availability of bits per model means customers can always have the best-performing bit, depending on the material to cut.

The wear-resistant tungsten carbide tip is brazed into a heat-treated steel body to withstand extreme stresses and impact. Various retaining systems ensure that the picks are locked into the pick boxes.

Features: Benefits:
  • Pick boxes available for all DC ranges
  • Delivery together with the DC machine or any parts order: one-stop shop
  • For each drum cutter model, you can choose between different bit types
  • Choosing the right type of bit for your application will increase the drum cutter’s performance and reduce your operating cost
  • The QuickSnap retainers are a unique feature for the picks for  the ranges DC1000 up to DC2900
  • QuickSnap enables a quick and easy pick exchange: up to 50% time saving compared to conventional systems