JET26 high crown

"One hole, one bit".

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Ideal concept

The ideal concept is much more realistic today with the new profile.

Significantly extended bit life

Modified to provide an extremely robust 26mm design which prevents crown segments from snapping off in the hole. The JET26 crown extend JET bit life significantly to much greater depths compared to our JET and Torpedo V 13 and 16mm core drilling bits which are know for high penetration rates.

Be amazed at the performance

The JET26 profile is to be used in competent and non-abrasive/slightly abrasive formations. The profile continues drilling without or less rod tripping and tooling changes. Available in selected sizes and matrices.

JET26 high crown and DiscovOre

Exploration core drilling tools


Half channels for efficient cooling. Long robust segments.

Chamfers to reduce torque and water pressure.