Application areas – just about anywhere

Presently, there are no fields where our premium down-the-hole equipment is not used. Our products can be found in mining, construction, exploration, water well, geothermal and deep hole.

Made in the cradle of iron production

The down-the-hole product range comes from the land where iron production in Europe began. Iron has been produced in Fagersta, Sweden, since 700 A.D. That means we know steel! In Fagersta we pioneered the production of drilling tools by being the first company using tungsten carbide. We are proud to carry on this tradition and legacy!

One-stop-shop, a total solution

We offer a complete range of down-the-hole products including hammers, bits, pipes, adapters, reverse circulation products, breakout benches and grinding machines with consumables.

We at Atlas Copco Rock Drilling Tools have the broadest range of hammers, bits, and related equipment of any supplier in the world.

This means more choices for you. It means you can work with the strongest support network in the industry, regardless of your equipment needs. It means that you can look to one reliable and time-tested source for all your equipment needs.


Economy kits

In hard and abrasive drilling conditions the external parts of the DTH hammer is wearing out before the internal parts reaches their fatigue limits. In these conditions the E-kit can serve as a tool to reduce the total drilling cost. With the E-kit the hammer can be rebuilt and the internal part re-used for another run. The cost saving can be substantial as the cost for an E-kit only is 50 percent of a new hammer. An E-kit contains all the needed parts for a rebuild and will ease the logistic constrains as all needed parts can be ordered under one product number.


Fluids sometimes need to be injected to clean a drilled hole, and until Hydrocyclone technology, drilling speeds were compromised as fluids were injected. Atlas Copco Secoroc’s exclusive, patented system expels injected fluids just above the down-hole drill. The result? As much fluid as necessary can be injected without concern for loss of performance. The hole stays clean, and the hammer runs as if it were operating dry.

Jet sub

Over-the-hammer Jet Subs allow large volumes of air to be bypassed above the hammer. This feature reduces operating pressure and allows more hole cleaning for deep, wet or soft rock applications. The jet sub prevents power losses normally associated with air bypass. Upward facing venturis allow extremely high volumes of bypass flow to escape behind the hammer. Does not require booster compressors.

Drill pipe lubricant

Secoroc drill pipe lubricant is formulated with a proprietary blend of copper and graphite additives in a lead free aluminum complex base grease. It has high temperature protection for all threaded pipe and hammer connections. The lubricant protects against rust and corrosion. Adheres to oily threads, can be easily brushed on over a wide temperature range.

Rock drill oil

Atlas Copco Rock Drill Oil is specially developed for Atlas Copco pneumatic and hydraulic rock drills and down-the-hole hammers. The lubricating oil is made of carefully selected components that gives the highest technical performance and preferentially wet the steel, so they are resistant to being washed off in a water, saline water, or foam environment. This helps reduce the corrosion (rust) that can develop in these environments on the internal parts of the hammer even after the equipment has been used.


The Secoroc COP Backhammer is a tool that can save and re-cover a drill string stuck in a hole, it can be easily fitted in a suitable tube joint between the drill support and the rotation head to provide an effective combination of backward hammering and vibration to loosen stuck drill strings.

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