Key to control station increasing flexibility and error proofing


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Lamps and a buzzer

gives clear feedback and a key switch can be used to acknowledge errors

Eliminates the need for an operator

holding a tool during an entire shift for fastening operations reducing impact on health and safety.

Left or right hand

configuration available with adjustable heights of articulated arm and tool position allows for maximum customization to the application workspace.

Position Recognition

Option for a Position Recognition System gives the additional benefit of ensuring a quality fastening process while error-proofing during the operation.


Higher quality can be achieved by giving audio and/or visual feedback about the assembly process to the operators. Time and costs can be saved by reducing reworking and avoiding faulty products leaving the production line. Lamps and a buzzer give clear feedback and a key switch can be used to acknowledge errors. This arrangement enables you to detect errors at the workstation and correct them in station instead of further down the line.

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