Swellex Hydraulic Pumps

A robust and reliable pump


Designed to be used with hydraulic bolting, the hydraulic pump can be used with a manual installation arm or integrated with the rig's installation system.

H1 pump

The H1 pump is only available in stainless steel version for corrosion resistance; giving it a long life expectancy and low operating costs.

H2R pump

Technical Data - H1 & H2R  
Description Readings
Inlet water pressure 2-20 bar
Max. outlet water pressure 30 bar
Max supply water temperature 70oC
Max. water output 14 l/min
Hydraulic pressure 120 - 160 bar
Hydraulic flow 40 l/min
Vibration in the installation arm Not measured
CE marked Yes
Length x width x height 780 x 280 x 275 mm
Weight of installation arm with valve and chuck 6.5 kg
Weight of pump, manometer and hose 32 kg
Weight of chuck only 1 kg

Ordering information

Description Weight (kg) Product number
H1 36  8613 1101 87
H1R high corrosion resistence, ALU/Bronze 36 9899 7008 82
HC1-L** 38 9899 7009 70