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Compander (TM) integrally geared compressor expander

By combining compressor and expander functions into one unit, the Atlas Copco Gas and Process Compander provides a highly efficient, CAPEX-friendly process solution

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A close-up look at our Compander (TM)

Highly efficient and reliable Atlas Copco Compander (TM)

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Vast compressor and expander experience

Utilizing the full energy recovery potential for combined compression and expansion processes, the Compander (TM) merges our longstanding expertise in compression and turboexpanders into one convenient, energy saving solution

Meeting API standards

Our companders meet all critical industry standards, including API 617

See how we meet API compliance

Compact, Efficient, Reliable

The Compander (TM) meets key needs in many of today's industrial processes where efficiency, a smaller footprint and faster installation times are key factors in equipment purchase decisions

Technical description of the Compander (TM)

Our Compander (TM) is designed to handle all gases and delivers volume flows of up to 480 000 m3/h over 8 stages, operating at a rated power of up to 30 MW. It’s a solution that meets key needs in many of today’s industrial processes, where energy efficiency is a major operations focus. Utilizing the full energy recovery potential for combined compression and expansion processes, the Compander (TM) merges our long standing expertise in integral gear technology and turbo expanders into one solution. It’s unique in that compressor and expander stages are housed in one gear box. You can use the energy recovered on the turboexpander side to power the compressor’s energy cycle, significantly reducing the compressor’s energy consumption (rotor drive). Our nitrogen and methane companders can be used in different LNG and chemical applications, respectively:

  • Nitric acid
  • Small-Scale LNG
  • HPPO
  • Caprolactam
  • Phenol
  • Boil off gas reliquefaction
  • Nitrous oxide

Technical product specifications

Performance data

Effective inlet flow range

0 m³/h - 480,000 m³/h

Maximum discharge pressure

200 bar(a)

Maximum suction pressure

0.98 bar(a)

Power requirement HP

40,230 HP

Seal Types


Stages (min./max)

1 - 8

Suction temperature

-165 °C - 400 °C

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Compander (TM) integrally geared compressor expander

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