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T-Series centrifugal compressor for downstream applications

Working in some of the world’s most demanding chemical and petrochemical applications, our T-Series compressors are trusted for efficient processing of polyolefines such as polypropylene and polyethylene. Built for maximum reliability they handle discharge pressures of 40 bar and flow volumes up to 80 000 m3/h (47 086 cfm)

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Process-specific configurations

T-Series centrifugal compressors can be customized precisely to your process requirements and site conditions. They deliver discharge pressures up to 40 bar (580.2 psi) and flow volumes up to 80 000 m3/h (47 086 cfm). Also comes in combination with killgas turbines for safe shutdown

Designed for premier efficiency

Our direct-driven T-Series compressors can be used as a cycle gas compressor and main loop compressor. They provide outstanding efficiency, thanks to the unique overhung design and position of the purged inlet guide vane in connection with the open impeller

Proven component designs

Our manufacturing expertise unlocks a high level of aerodynamic performance and mechanical reliability. Critical components such as impellers, casings, guide vanes, shaft seals, gears and bearings are anchored in proven, field-tested designs. The entire compressor stage is designed to prevent polymerization

Leakage-free design

Our dry-gas seals can be applied in tandem configurations. Dynamic dry-gas seals offer an alternative to oil-lubricated seals for sensitive applications

Full process control with variable inlet guide vanes (IGV)

Broadening your control over the process, purged, variable inlet guide vanes (IGV) give you optimal flow rates, especially when changing on-site conditions require you to make quick adjustments

Technical description of the T-Series centrifugal turbocompressor

Backed by decades of reliable performance of reliable, real-world and our experience from more than 100 reference projects, our T-Series direct-driven centrifugal gas compressors are at work in some of the world’s most demanding applications. From Russia to the Middle East, and beyond, the T-Series delivers maximum compressor efficiency and robustness in complex and rigid polypropylene and polyethylene processes

API 617 and API 614 compliant

T-Series centrifugal compressors process reactor pressures of up to 40 bar (580.2 psi) and flow volumes up to 80 000 m3/h (47 086 cfm), powered by proven Atlas Copco technologies such as

  • adjustable Inlet Guide Vanes (IGVs)
  • highly-efficient closed impellers
  • high-speed axial bearings

T-Series compressors feature state-of-the-art dry gas seals as an alternative to oil-lubricated systems. Their outstanding safety reliability is also confirmed by American Petroleum Institute (API) certification according to standards API 617 and API 614. And, depending on your process, our experts around the globe can customize your turbo compressors – also matching API and local safety standards – to boost the safety and efficiency of your operation.

Technical product specifications

Performance data

Effective inlet flow range

15,000 m³/h - 65,000 m³/h

Maximum discharge pressure

43 bar(a)

Maximum suction pressure

40 bar(a)

Power requirement HP

10,000 HP

Seal Types


Stages (min./max)

1 - 1

Suction temperature

-40 °C - 150 °C

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T-Series centrifugal compressor for downstream applications

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