Auto Retract Tensioners, Airbac
AB-01 M24x3 CONV KIT product photo
Auto Retract Tensioners, Airbac is the most recent and innovative range of premium tensioners from Atlas Copco for the lowest total cost of ownership. Airbac offers high-speed operation and lowest maintenance using unique patented technology in a lightweight design. The tools are designed to fit on to most ANSI, ASME and API flanges. The Airbac piston retract technology can also be incorporated into our custom designed tensioners ensuring that customers who have unique applications can also benefit from operational time savings.
Country of origin is GB. Customs tariff is 84678900

Technical Specifications

Dimension & weight
Thread Size
AB-01 M24x3 CONV KIT product photo

AB-01 M24x3 CONV KIT

4222 2600 55


Increases productivity and faster operation
Easier and less frequent maintenance
Fits multiple applications
Enhanced corrosion protection
Wide range of tool sizes


High-speed automatic piston retract
High quality material
Protective coating
One-way air valve for rapid re-charging
Lightweight design