Micro stop drills

High-precision drilling, reaming and countersinking


PFD 1100, Advanced Drilling Unit for critical holemaking

Our new PFD video shows our Advanced Drilling Unit (ADU) solution for critical Holemaking in advanced aircraft structures . The Atlas Copco ChipLet® feature increases productivity and hole quality. The PFD1100 solution with a powerful turbine motor reduces cycle time and increases output. This robust tool is well suited for factory environment and the long service intervals maximizes uptime of your investments.



Ergonomic handle design

The integrated micro stop function makes the tool shorter and lighter in weight.


Can be used for drilling, reaming, countersinking and, in certain applications, a combined operation using a form bit.

Dust extraction

Equipped with a specially designed spot suction system for working in composite materials.

Micro stop drills

The Atlas Copco LBS36 drill is equipped with an integrated micro stop. It is designed for the aerospace industry where the focus is on high-precision drilling, reaming and countersinking.

The product has been developed jointly with Aerospace customer who is already working with LBB26 Atlas Copco drill combined with separated micro stop cage. This new LBS26 drill is intended for qualified operation in Aerospace and other industries.

Example technical information for beveling tool (LBS36 H013-40, 8421 0220 90)
For more product variations or details, please look into below documents and files.

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